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I am not saying I necessarily believe this, but let me throw it out there.
Maybe the Capitals know they cannot afford to go full steam all the time or they will run out of it come the playoffs. Especially with plenty older guys leading the team.  As you pointed out Rush, the Caps are a winning team and sit at the top of the NHL standings. It's enough at this point to put us in a most favorable position heading into the post season.
We are in great shape. We are healthy. And we have the firepower to SLAM other (good) teams, even from deep deficits almost at will.
Hell, our Vezina and Cup winning goalie is in a slump and we have a record breaking young fresh backup to fill in.

I would not trade this position with any other team in the NHL right now.As Caps fans we might be a tad spoiled.    :uh-huh:
The sooner we stop with the delusional Holtby is our starter bullshit, the better of we'll be. Holtby has done 0 this season to win us games. Sammy has done the job each time when called upon. Play the hot hand. When Sammy slumps see if Holts has got it again. But from now on, Sammy should be thought of as our starter.
I do. When these guys are playing full steam they are seemingly unstoppable.  If we stay healthy and somewhat rested we have a shot at another cup.  As crappy as we've seen them play they are still dominating the standings.

True AJ, but the catch is, Our guys are SO good, that if they CONSISTENTLY commit to “playing full steam”, they would SURELY win the cup, IMO! No question!!

If we follow the basic observations on how this team can be SO good, and then appear SO bad and deenergized, then the old “They dial it in when THEY want” theory makes complete sense.
They are simply at that good of a level, so as to stay at the top of the division, as they monitor their progress! WHEN THEY WANT!!.....SO.....

Rierden made a good, and also properly predictable decision, to put Sammy in!  Whether the Caps  would have had an offensive onslaught or not, the decision was proper!

To suggest, (and I’m not saying you, AJ, personally), that Rierden had some “Clairvoyant” moment where he knew that his decision to go with Sammy in the 3rd, would help “SPARK”, the team and get them going, TO THE LEVEL AT TODAYS 3rd period,  is completely contrary to what we observe, with Rierden, when the Caps pull that unmotivated, lack of care, sloppy, hockey crap that frustrates us ALL to no end!

Sure, changing goalies IS used as an overall, general motivator, when the team needs a lift, but it is JUST THAT,....generally motivating!

NOT, the TOTALLY COMPREHENSIVE INTENSITY of THIS type of 3rd period domination!
Maybe even elevated, early on, as Mick alluded to, with Sammy’s two great saves, but still, I think it is born out of the fickleness of WHENEVER, these guys, CHOOSE to turn it on HEAVY!!
My point:

Because then they would lose the freedom to CONTROL, generally, the CONVENIENCE of not having to work as hard, when they DONT WANT TO!! ( Their abundant talent spoils them this way, as they can still hold onto the top of the Metro div).

Rierden has NO clue WHATSOEVER, about how to correct it!! (Sorry to disagree, Black).
And if someone attempts to make the case, using tonight’s game as an example, of Rierdens goalie replacement, (a good move), as him having some kind of “inkling”, or “know how”, that it may have lead to the offensive onslaught we witnessed in the 3rd period.......

Well I would strongly disagree, and say as evidence then; Where was Coach Rierdens talent for “motivational skills”, for nearly a MONTH, from mid Dec 2019, through the first week or two of Jan 2020 ??   When they were looking flat as a pancake, and lost 6 out of 12!!  My God, they’re probably the only team that could play that lackadaisically, and actually WIN the other half of those same 6 out of 12!!

Our spoiled-ass, yet, extremely talented players, really DO call the shots!! As far as WHEN they’re going to show up!  This answers so much of the mystery of the whole subject, IMO!!  And we can’t do a darn thing about it!!! BECAUSE......

Even though IT REAKS of a lack of those old-timed, character issues!

THEY STILL WIN!! and by that definition, THEY ARE WINNERS!!

(Damn, how times have changed!)🤣😂🤣


General Discusion Anything But Hockey / Re: Muzak & cars
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Speaking of drummers.. 69 years old and still hittin em' like they own him money! Speak of the devil (Ozzy) album easily in my top 3 for live drummers.

He STILL has it.

Already??  :snicker:

She's being coached to "open her eyes" by the same crew that tells Alan May to "keep smiling"  :P

Very observant correlation Rich!
 And funny as hell !🤣😂

When she would “over-open” her eyes, at the end of her commercials, a few years back, she would say, “We’re gonna WOW YA!”  Man, that was borderline CREEPY!! Almost skull-skeleton like, but with a thinly layered cover of dried out skin, and some makeup, just on the surface!

She has potential to be cast as some kind of black widow, crazy, stalker type bitch,  in Hollywood!😁😁


based on previous comments I figured this would’ve involved a range  :huh:

maybe next time
In Communist Virginia?  Are guns still allowed there?  :snicker:

I lived there a long time. It's hard to watch the insane assault on guns in Virginia of all places.  I never imagined Virginia could strive to become worse than Maryland.

Hey Rush,

Some things to help all members that would like to attend for a next year kinds thing, when the schedule comes out post four or five games as a poll and let members vote and comment which they could make.

Allows you to get some feedback and idea of what people's lives and schedules are while allowing members an idea of when they can plan ahead and have more time to prepare for something like this.

This is how we get the money pooled/etc for attending the suite games, we voted in oct for games in jan/feb/mar/apr and now we are going to the blues/bruins rematch in april  8)

Good idea Ozzie!
 What you’re talking about is a little more of a formally planned outing, (with monetary contributions and all).  I am DEFINITELY for something like that!

If we were to lease a suite for a Caps game, as you suggested, we would definitely have to bring a more democratic process to the whole thing!
I believe we would have to call it a “first annual” something, LOL, as it will be the first of its kind, as far as I am aware, for this board!

 Again, I am ALL IN, for something like that, and as I mentioned I will be checking with one of my HVAC customers, for some kind of decent deal, for his suite at Cap One, that he can give our board!😁

 Hell, depending on the timing, we could even try something like that before the season ends this year!

Of course, our little get together, is much more impromptu and informal.  If we can get a more formal thing going, like what you’re talking about, down the road, then we’ll have to have quite a bit more planning involved!

 Who knows, since you have some experience at this kind of thing, (with the Blues group),  and I have a possible connection, we just may have to chat in the future and make the thing HAPPEN!!👍



He won't get 60, but I'd love for him to hit 50+ again.  I think he will.

Hell, if he gets 20 more this year for 54, that would put him at 712 he could nearly catch Jagr at 766 next year (with another 54G year)

I think Ovi will catch Gordie at 801 before he retires.  He would only need about 90 more after this season.  I think he can average 30 over the next three seasons if he stays healthy
He’s maintained his  .6 GPG, Gretzky didn’t get more than 30 when after he was 35.  It’s a stretch, but it’s in reach. (at .6 GPG it will take him 5 seasons, maybe 6 as he’ll be pushing 40, to catch Gretzky)

Getting another Cup in 5yrs will be very tough, but challenging Gretzky would make Kuzy and Carlys overpaid contracts somewhat forgiven

But, Ovies a way better player than Jager ever was, and he was productive well after 40

He won't get 60, but I'd love for him to hit 50+ again.  I think he will.

Hell, if he gets 20 more this year for 54, that would put him at 712 he could nearly catch Jagr at 766 next year (with another 54G year)

I think Ovi will catch Gordie at 801 before he retires.  He would only need about 90 more after this season.  I think he can average 30 over the next three seasons if he stays healthy

Don't forget post-season goals
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