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WTF is with Mathews stupid mustache?

No Shit.  First thing I thought was "Crybaby playoff stache"
Good game.  Good result.  But....

It sure would be nice to see the Caps play THREE FULL PERIODS of Caps dominate hockey rather than 2 out of three.

Only good news is Caps played periods 2 & 3 this game instead of the typical 1 and 2.  Playing 2 and 3 afforded them a "come from behind" win instead of a "shit the bed" loss in the 3rd.

The Ziggy/Panik collision sure did not look like much.  Good to know Panik is good for something.  :raspberry:

Mostly just feeling saucey.  Always glad to have a Caps win.

Go Caps

I was at the game and I thought it was the best home game I have seen them play this season.  It is never good to give up a shorty and Toronto’s second goal was poor play by Sigenthaler but overall I thought we carried the play.  We spent more time in our zone than theirs.  Likewise, we dominated the 2nd period.  The third period we hung on but I blame that on being down a defenseman.  We were basically playing with four defenseman, Lewington was getting minimal time.  He was having a hard time keeping up with Toronto’s speed.  Sure hope Kempny is ready to go Friday.  I have a bad feeling that Sigenthaler could be out for awhile. 

The new lines are interesting and I thought they looked pretty good.  Each line had an even stength goal and that is what you want to have, balanced scoring.  It is too bad Hagelin is not more of a scorer.  I am a little worried about the second line scoring wise.  Hopefully Wilson and Kuzy can provide the scoring.  Vrana will be the scoring threat on the third line and I liked Hathaway on that line. He has impressed me so far.  Of the three new forwards he has been the most productive. 
Not bad, a win is a win. And considering the offensive firepower TOR has, 3 goals against is not a bad performance for Sammy. I say the kid deserves the next start too.
Well sheeot..  :-\  Hope they're ok.
Missed most of the 3rd.. What happened to Sig?? I see we gave up 1.. Nice W, all things considered..

Sigs and Panik collided at the end of the 2nd, shoulder/head to shoulder/head. neither player returned to the ice for the 3rd
Missed most of the 3rd.. What happened to Sig?? I see we gave up 1.. Nice W, all things considered..
It was a good game. Rough start, but gave the Leafs nothing in the second and did well in third all things considered. 2 points is good.
it still wasn’t an overall good game by the Caps, it was an amazing 45 seconds in the 2nd. the 3rd was really bad even considering they only had 5 Dmen

1st Period
04:37  Leafs SH GOAL Kapanen, assist Moore   1-0 TOR
10:58  Leafs GOAL Mikheyev, assists Kapanen & Holl   2-0 TOR
18:59  GOAL 13-Vrana, assists 74-Carlson & 21-Hathaway   2-1 TOR

2nd Period
05:07  GOAL 92-Kuznetsov, assists 74-Carlson & 62-Hagelin   2-2 TIE
05:18  GOAL 19-Bäckström, assistss 77-Oshie & 3-Jensen   3-2 WSH
06:25  GOAL 74-Carlson, assists 8-Ovechkin & 19-Bäckström   4-2 WSH

3rd Period
17:27  LEafs GOAL Tavares, assists Muzzin & Kanapen   4-3 WSH

FINAL:     4-3 WSH
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