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The Lake House looks really cool.
They have a virtual tour on their website.
It will be a good day.
They need to trade Orlov before everyone else catches on that he's a dope. Jensen too.. And the longer Gudas is here, the dopier he gets as well!  :) :smirk:

 Im not sayin shit about Johnny Norris.. At least he racks up points while he sucks on D..

Kempney needs tampons since he got hurt. Sigs Im not sure about yet.. The Furvy dude they sent back is probably the best one of the bunch..  :raspberry:
Bungalow Lake House
46116 Lake Center Plaza Sterling

Easy to get to, park, Uber etc .

Let Puck, Arj, or myself know if you have any questions about anything, including the above post (😇)

See ya there!
Lady and I got a hotel for next Saturday.  Iíve talked to a few people and their will be an after party,dinner, after party following the game.    This will be awesome!!!!

So, if possible, clear your calendars for the rest of the day, take and Uber to and fro, or get a hotel.  The one we got is 5min away and only goes for abound $80, (HH points rule).  But please donít drive as canít post from the drunk tank 😁

As far details will make em up as we go, donít worry weíll be fine 😇
     The only problem is that we need a right handed defenceman more than a lefty.
Fair enough, but their is something to be said that Nisky and Jensen fell off the proverbial cliff when regularly paired with Orlov. While Johnny Norris has a career year while rarely being paired with him.

Given that, itís reasonable that moving and upgrading Orlov would benefit the entire D

(In all honesty, one of the reasons I want Martinez is we havenít had a Made In Detroit player since Schmidt, and Iíd love to see him and Jensen repin the FatherCity for The Caps 🤣🤣)
We need a defensive upgrade and a coaching staff upgrade.
apparently a little know fact; the swastika has been widely used by Hindus and Buddhists for centuries, and still is in use today. The nazi's corrupted it.
Vegas up 1-0 against Isles with 2 min left in 3rd

ETAKnights shutout the Isles. Knights have 95 SOG in last two games.  We have our work cutout for us on Monday.
Yes, weird 6PM Eastern time game in Vegas on Monday.
Be here or do some thing exciting. :snicker:
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