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I never really got into watching bush, but I like watching the trucks

I can't believe nunya rednecks commented on this
They're slowly relaxing that nonsense.. That golf match the other day I saw Tiger and Peyton, etc. all talking w/o masks.. Kyle's interview he didn't wear one. Hopefully sooner then later the country quits listening to the manic media and gets on with life. If the shit gets ya, it gets ya..

Truck race is tonight at 8pm est on FS1.. Only drivers you'll probably recognize are Kyle Busch and Chase Elliott. Harvick put up a bounty for any "cup regular" who could beat Kyle Busch in a truck race. A couple others entered but with the no practicing/qualifying (cost a lot less) they had like 47 entries and only 40 spots so some of the cup guys who didn't have points got clipped from the field.
i noticed at the conclusion of sundays race a bunch of drivers went and talked face to face with each other, no masks that won't stop pollen, and no buffer zone. The cameras were quickly moved elsewhere.

It's time to end this farce and get back to work
Maybe the most forgotten one in recent history, even though damn near everyone now has been influenced by, maybe even stole from him. But damn he was great!  This is a rare & “controversial” bits, that was known to make people up & leave

I never really got into watching bush, but I like watching the trucks
bettman needs to go, we've known that for a few years now
Damn.. If you missed it.. Xfinity put on another show.

Dumbass drove through the field a couple times. Lost the lead on a restart w/2 to go. Got it back on the last lap.
Jesus fuckin Christ Bettman can make up the stupidest shit and call it a “marketing scheme” or “revenue source” and fuck up all tradition & history in the process

Why in the fuck are they gonna even bother with a playoff in the summer, then turnaround and start training camp after a 4no lay-off, then a multi round condensed tournament?
I did all my celebratin' yesterday.. Aint too old to keep up but when Im done, it takes a day or two to recover..  :uh-huh: :rofl:
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