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Go Bears!  That's some franchise there.

Hoping game 7 is a doozey for the Oilers/Cats
Hershey game 6 tonight at 7pm, in Hershey.

Edmonton at Florida at 8pm for all the marbles.
Washington Capitals & Other Hockey Discussion / Re: The ‘23-‘24 boredom thread.. no square poop allowed
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Hershey wins game 5, goes up 3-2. Game 6 in Hershey Monday night.
Game 7 in Miami

2 ENGs allowed with more than 3:00 remaining. Paul Maurice should be fired.

Oilers have outscored Florida 18-5 in the last three games.
3-0 after 2, still plenty of time, lots can happen

but Florida looks rattled

They're the Buffalo Bills!!  :rofl:
3-0 after 2, still plenty of time, lots can happen

but Florida looks rattled
3 - zip after 40 minutes..  Bob has left the building! lol Said the Oil have scored on their last 4 odd man/breakaways. Oof!

Game 7 Monday night!
Wow! Canada rules the USA goal was "offside" after ignoring the on ice call and reviewing a non-definitive replay, keeping Canada's lead at 2-0. Aint that somethin!  :snicker:
They're playin Canada!! And getting their ass kicked again!! lol They look nothing like the team I've been watching since the Rags series. Oilers figured something out or they're just chocking their ass off. 1-0 Oil so far, 4 to go in the 1st.

1-0 Oil after 1. FL with 2 shots on goal to their 11. :raised-eyebrow:
The Caps needed a 1/2 center bad, they don’t have one in the system. Drafting for one could take years, and not 1 or 3. Trading for one is the best option within the 7 years left on Dubious contract. I just hope it works out, because it does resemble the Vrana/Mantha trade where both sides lost.

And, Mick still doesn’t know who Florida is playing
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