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the non family friendly boredom thread for Rich

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this would be great...

But what happened to the rest of it?[size=78%] [/size] :huh: :'(


--- Quote from: richkrt99 on Wednesday April 08, 2020, 03:27:22 PM Eastern ---But what happened to the rest of it? :huh: :'(

--- End quote ---

it was getting too political even though itís all anyone is talking about with no sports going on, we could put it back, but I think it got to be too much for a sports site

maybe we can put it back up on the other side and rename the thread "today's horseshit"...

@22:00, yup, that's why women like Harley's  :uh-huh:

that's a pretty good channel on YouTube, lots of interesting interviews


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