Author Topic: Please Help Bring A Local Girl & Her Family Home from Ravaged Lebanon  (Read 461 times)

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Please Help Bring A Local Girl & Her Family Home from Ravaged Lebanon
« on: Tuesday July 06, 2021, 06:15:29 PM Eastern »
My friends,

I am posting an appeal to help a local girl from Gaithersburg escape the devastated country of Lebanon.  She went to Lebanon to go to school.  She's an American girl and very smart.  She speaks 5 languages (Arabic, Armenian, French, English, and Spanish).  In Lebanon she met and fell in love with a man in the Lebanese Army. They have two young children.  The Army is not keen to let him go and due to the economic situation he is barely paid (if at all) for his service.

The situation has been getting worse.  I've been sending them money via Western Union for about a year.  I don't know her, but she is good friends with my son's girlfriend who began making appeals to me to help her after she lost her job due to the Covid fraud and could no longer send much money herself.  The economic situation in Lebanon was like a repeat of Venezuela with inflation at ridiculous levels over the past few years. For instance the price of groceries like a liter of milk increased 1500% since 2019.  Then they got hit with the huge explosion in Beirut last August, which damaged their home.  Crime is soaring according to the situation reports I have found on the internet.They are desperate to escape Lebanon.

United States Dollars are relatively valuable there so you can have a big impact on their situation.  I sent another Western Union transfer to them last night. 

This morning I discovered there is a GoFundMe page for her setup by another local friend here in Gaithersburg.

Even under the current situation in the USA where "STUPID" is said to be running the government (he isn't), and fortunes appear to be heading downward we have it better than most around the world.  Please do your best to help.

I can also provide info if you want to sent money direct to her via Western Union.

Attached is a brief audio thank you which she sent via Facebook to my son last night.

If you post a question also PM me otherwise I may not see that you posted.

Please share this so we can make a huge impact for one family, and you can be sure all the money is actually going to make it to them and have a huge impact on their lives.

Sorry I have not been around here much.  I will explain one day why it is so important I don't waste time on NHL, which was my only respite from my 'work' the entire time you've known me.  Amazing events are taking place, and I am not talking about Trump, though he has a role.

Be careful what you ask for America; you just might get it.