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Thanks for posting this.   :( :'( :(
To do with his son maybe?
What ever. It proves what a great guy he is.
To Trotz.....   "LUV YA BABY" !     :P      :hearts: :hearts: :hearts:
good game, glad the Bolts didnít win
Yeah baby!  Well done the Avs!    :clap:    congrats.   ;D ;D ;D
First game I'm staying up to watch live for a while.
GO AVS!    ;D
Go Avalanche!

Puck the Bolts.
So, I guess Ovi signed a 1 game contract to play with the Dynamo FC.. (I assumed as a publicity thing) 8-0

Dude wanted to ask him about extending his car warranty??  :rofl: :pointdown:

From his office.  :P
there was a game last night  :huh:

oh well
Washington Capitals & Other Hockey Discussion / Re: Goalies
« Last post by Ozzies09tc on Friday June 24, 2022, 11:03:12 PM Eastern »
I'd look for a new goalie coach before I did anything else. Then trust their opinion. Be hard to swallow reupping Sammy at 2mil a year, but he's probably got the most upside, imo. I'd make Fucale the backup.

I voted for VV and Other

With a better goalie coach and a more seasoned goalie to mentor VV he could become a viable goalie.
Welp, onto game 6 it is..  :-(
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