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Winnable game upcoming.. See how they do.  :cross:
Yea, they say Mantha is a gtd. Skated in a regular jersey this morning. Though the Miro callup could be for him. We shall see...
teams can only carry 23 active players, they gotta put someone on IR to clear a roster spot

Good news is that it was Oshie and not Mantha. Each time my back went out it was a week before I was walking normally and about two weeks before I attempted any hard physical activity.
Which also coincided with Osh being put in IR.
February 26 vs Senators at Capital One Arena
Time: 7:00
TV: Monumental Sports
Radio: 106.7 FM, Capitals Radio 24/7

Washington Capitals 26-21-9
PP% 16.8(25th) PK% 80.1(14th) Faceoff% 46.8(28th)
Ottawa Senators 25-27-3
PP% 16.3(26th) PK% 74.6(29th) Faceoff% 50.9(13th)

Caps anticipated lines:

Sens anticipated lines:

tonight’s zebras:
Jon McIsaac 2, Mitch Dunning 20
Andrew Smith 51, James Tobias 61

scoring summary
1st period:

2nd period:

3rd period:

yup, Miro.. the time stamp on this is 10am. It wasn’t there at 10am.
Looks like they called up Miro - that should be fun to watch.

On another note, if they end up being sellers, my bet is that they only are able to trade Dowd, Mantha and Edmunson.  If they do trade those guys what is the return?  I bet they would all get 2nd round picks - nobody gets a 1st round pick.  Maybe they get a package of a 2nd and 3rd for one or two of them - especially if they are willing to retain some salary.  I guess I would be happy if we got three 2nd round picks and just hope one of them hits.  I actually wish they would get draft picks that are a couple years out and hope that the team they get them from goes downhill and the draft picks end up being higher than they thought.
They're definitely out punting their coverage currently. Im still not sure if it's us playing better or (good) teams going "oh, the Caps, whatever" then we surprise them. Guess time will tell. 

Either way it's good to see them have some success, as I was starting to waiver on Carbery. Really like him, but when the wheels fall off the new/young Coach is usually a casualty.

Hope he gets to stick around until they have an actual rebuild, where they're not looking out the corner of their eye at the LTIR list, wondering when the next guy will decide he's ready to play another couple games.
We gotta move to the west coast. All the races start at like noon, 1pm.  :sick:  I don't think this generation knows what good racing is. All kinds of twits posting it was the best race ever. lol All they did was wreck cars all day and end up 3 wide at the finish. Anyway, hopefully next week they'll have to use the gas and brake for a change.  :cross:
The team is playing hard and IMO Carbery is making miracles with a mid level roster. I'm positive moving forward provided they can make some shrewd moves to get younger and more skilled.
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