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--- Quote from: alta on Tuesday September 20, 2022, 09:43:46 PM Eastern ---Nationals:
2008: 59-102
2009: 59-103

in 2008 the Nats had a rain makeup game scheduled at the end of the season against an equally bad team and league decided the game wasn’t necessary....

--- End quote ---
Nats now 51-97 and 43 games back with 14 games remaining.  Hell the entire rest of their season isn't necessary to the Nats, but they are playing 3 real contenders so their games do matter to the opponents.
Nats play Braves today then three vs lowly Miami this weekend so MAYBE they can get a win or two this weekend, but then 3 games vs Braves, 4 vs the Phillies, and close season with 3 vs Mets.
Mets and Braves are fighting for 1st place in the NL east (Mets 1.0 games ahead), Phillies are in #1 WC spot (and could probably lose all remaining games and still get in - they are 9.5 games ahead of the current 4th team in the running for 3 WC spots)

I'd say the Nats are headed for their worst record ever (well....worst of the modern Nats era).  THey will surely lose at least 8 of the last 14.

All right...put your money up and give me your guesses for the Nats final record...

I'm going with 56-106


--- Quote from: Mickstix on Tuesday September 20, 2022, 06:38:37 PM Eastern ---You went to Dominion and saw Bobby? How'd he run? It didn't exist when I was a Virginian. Looks pretty cool though. I guess that's where they relocated Old Dominion Speedway? I grew up at Old Dominion, before they tore it down and built townhouses.  :raised-eyebrow:

The nextgen car is a mess.. Xfinity car is the perfect current stock car. Has the composite body so fenders don't cut down tires, has actual wheels/tires that can sustain oval racing and the aero is fine. And they still look like race cars. They put on the best show every week. Been that way for a couple years now. Nascar will either have to rethink the aero (difusers, underbody, etc) on the nextgen or up the horsepower substantially for them to work on short tracks. Goodyear needs to go to work on tires that wear/falloff as well. It's too bad they barely test or practice and have to figure all that out during the races this year.

Heard they have a new tire for Texas this week. Will see if it makes any difference as the racing at Texas has been particularly bad recently. Wouldn't hold my breath.

--- End quote ---

Yeah, Labonte finished 4th.   

Dominion is a nice little track - shaped like Darlington, wider turns in 1 and 2 and narrower in 3 and 4.  All the passing and wrecks are in 1 and 2. Noticed a definite upgrade in the quality of the cars and drivers last week compared to what we normally have. 

And, yes, essentially it is the relocated Old Dominion Speedway from Manassas.  They have a little road course here.   Not sure what happened regarding the NHRA.   I think you may be right about the length, they may not have enough track but what an epic fail if that's the case because they do have at least part of a speedway.


--- Quote from: richkrt99 on Wednesday September 21, 2022, 10:24:52 AM Eastern ---
I think maybe half-baked would be more accurate  :raspberry:

--- End quote ---
Nope, pretty much fully baked last night.  :snicker:

On to some (boring) plumbing today.. Well system needs a new pressure switch. They use 1/2" galvanized fittings and pipe dope. Which leads to the dumb/boring question, why the hell are the nipples round? No flat sides to put a wrench on.  :huh: So, guess who gets to make yet another trip up to the hardware store? Yep, THIS dummy!  :wackysmile:

Calm down Rich, nipple is a plumbing term.. At least for today.  :uh-huh:

so is pipe dope

now, if he said he needed a dope pipe…


I don't think dope gets Rich quite as excited as nipple though?  :huh:


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