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A place to share your favorite and/or recommended whiskey, beer, tequilla, frozen concoctions, and any another drinks, and youíre favorite and/or recommend cigars or pipe tobaccos. . . or ones youíve found on youíre travels 
. . . or ones to stay the hell away from

Add pics, reviews, etc.

So light up a cigar and grab a drink!

Only one can start this:  Jack Daniels Sinatra Century

To celebrate the great Chairman of The Boards 100th birthday in 2015, Jack Daniels made its most limed batch ever, just 100 barrels, and no more will ever be made.  Only 24 bottles came to Maryland, and we have two of em! Lady even got the first one engraved for me (she rules!)!

Simply the greatest (non human female) thing Iíve ever tested, and bar none my favorite

Anyone who comes to our place, gets a sip of it, and has to sign the book that comes inside it. Several on here have, and many more of you need to. .  .

now see, this is just showing off

when I used to smoke them, this was my preference. The Classic and the XO...


--- Quote from: altajava on Thursday January 25, 2018, 12:23:19 AM Eastern ---now see, this is just showing off

--- End quote ---
:lol:   Nam man, ya just need to get up to my place  ;D


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