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The Calm Before the Storm

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--- Quote from: alta on November 23, 2020, 10:12:05 AM ---thatís odd, the socialist dnc run press says there is no evidence of voter fraud...

--- End quote ---

That site is stupid.  It has no facility to provide expert verified voting fraud unless it is published on the Internet.  I have passed on my story which was investigated for three days by the Montgomery County Vice president of the Board of Elections and she personally witnessed and verified votes being changed in two voting machines and immediately had them decommissioned and removed.   No way to publish that important story on this site.  As an extremely knowledgeable electronics and computer engineer I can assure you that votes do not change on a voting machine due to any possible "glitch".  These things are intentional.

I have passed my story along to many people or organizations investigating voting fraud along with full contact information for myself and for the VP of the county board of elections.  I received an email from James O'Keefe of Project Veritas a few days ago asking permission to use the info and pass it to others.

I realize that in the current election that fraud in a non-swing state like Maryland is not a top priority, but IMO it indicates a much larger issue that must be investigated.


Serious question:

When does assassination become self-defense?


--- Quote from: ArJunaZ on November 23, 2020, 11:22:23 PM ---Serious question:

When does assassination become self-defense?

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When revolution becomes necessary to get rid of the treasonous trash. It's why the socialists at the DNC want us stoned and defenseless. I do NOT condone such, but, evil persists when good men stand by and do nothing...  and, we are overdue...

The BATFE thinks there are about 430,000,000 legally owned fire arms in private hands in this country, with about 1/4 of those being the AR platform. Since 2013, the NSSF says the industry has sold about 8,000,000,000, that's billion, rounds of ammo annually. Based solely on my expierience, talking to friends, acquaintances, people at the gun shows, less than half of that ammo has actually been used. The rest has been been stacked deep for that rainy day.

Every time some event happens that makes people think the shits finnaly going to hit the fan, there are buying frenzies, and each one surpasses the previous one. Sales picked up at the end of that dumb assed "assault weapon ban" from clinton. Sales spiked after giffords was shot. Sales spiked after every incident under obama, and sales spiked this year when the democrats let the riots run on for six months.

Citizens own guns, subjects are forbidden to. A government of the people, by the people, for the people should be afraid of pissing off the people. The citizens should not be in  fear of what their government is going to do to them. There will not be another physical gun confiscation like what happened during Katrina without a fight, and law enforcement knows this. None of them are willing to sacrifice their lives to the socialist DNC takeover of the USA.

Trump got an honest 73.5 million votes this time. That's about 10 million more than he got against hillary. There is no fuckung way dementia joe, who barely campaigned and picked the worst VP candidate, got more legal votes.

I haven't been on in a while because I have been INTENSELY watching the STORM playing out. So far it is going pretty much as I anticipated.  It's a scary and glorious thing to watch.

I began stocking up on guns and ammo more than 15 years ago for this historical conflict which I absolutely knew was coming for much longer than 15 years, though I never saw Donald Trump and company coming.  But when I saw him walk down those stairs I instantly knew the battle was on as I was well aware of his views and had read his book "The Art of the Deal".

For any out there still watching MSM (ALL OF THEM) here is a list of much better sites to satiate your relevant and accurate news needs.

Enjoy the show people!  This is massive historically!


I heard this being talked about a few days ago, interesting article...


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