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The Calm Before the Storm

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--- Quote from: zerofox on September 30, 2020, 03:30:11 PM ---Anyone watch the debate? Any thoughts?

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I think expectations for Biden were so low, in this sense he won himself. When Biden talks about buy American it's just a joke! What he was doing 8 years when those jobs sailing away? Covid gave him a chance to win, let's vote and see.


--- Quote from: richkrt99 on October 01, 2020, 07:14:11 PM ---
For real?  Like....for real?  I can't believe how fucking stupid America has become.

Can't we just use definitions as definitions?

Oh wait, I must be a billionaire, because I CHOOSE to be one.  Not that I've earned it or fit any definition of what one is, but I'd CHOOSE to be one so....
someone give me a billion dollars.  AHHH the social injustice of me not being a billionaire if I CHOOSE to be is just unjust and needs to be adjusted so I can justly adjust to my chosen billionaire lifestyle :raspberry: 

Fucking Retards...(threw that in there for Zero)  ;)

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🤣Damn Right!!!!!

I’ve heard of Eric Mann, but thought he was dead, in prison, or just forgotten. I didn’t know he was still active & in this deep.


--- Quote from: DC_1908 on October 02, 2020, 06:43:54 AM ---🤣Damn Right!!!!!

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There's male and female. Go play in traffic if you think otherwise.

Fucking retard leftists.

Anyway, our president now has COVID which ain't good. I'm sure the retards are cheering. I feel like this is an even more major blow to the election. I can't see how this bodes well for Trump's chances...

Now we'll have to deal with four years of crybaby snowflakes who don't believe in accountability and think everyone else should support their stupid asses. Scumbags who think every criminal should get off scot-free because they are victims of society and were just trying to get a loaf of bread for their family.

I blame bad parenting. I feel like parents nowadays coddle their children too much, and tell them that they are special and can be anything they want to be and do anything they want to do.

Sometimes you gotta tell a kid that if they don't work hard and get a good job they could end up homeless. Sometimes you gotta smack a kid across the face to instill a sense of law and order.

But instead, the Biden voters, BLM rioters, etc...are folks who were told that going to a $200k college and learning basket weaving was perfectly OK as long as they learned something they enjoyed. They are the folks who were probably sent to school with a lunch box filled with gluten free organic free range quinoa and kale (i.e. pussy food) and a note from mommy telling them just how special they were.


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