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And another thing that pisses me off. . .
Someone I know called The Duke “a racist twat”, had we’d been face to face, I’d of slugged him!

This is the result of CNNs hit piece cherry-picking an a Playboy (Playboy) article in 1971 before even my old ass was born

His sone Ethan, (named after Dukes character in The Searchers, one of the greatest films ever), had a rather “tempered” response to this Commie hit-piece, where all their bullshit is proved to be that
“ Hiltzik (who did not do the interview), rebuffed the notion that John Wayne was just a man of his time or that it was unfair to judge something said so long ago. Hiltzik pointed out that at the time of the interview in 1971, the civil rights movement was decades old and Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated three years prior.
Wayne wasn’t expressing the tenor of the times — he was reacting to the advances being won by African Americans throug demonstrations and legislation, who hadn’t yet been ‘woke’; he had seen the future, and it put him into a racist rage.”
The columnist concluded by writing, “There surely are residents or natives of Orange County more deserving of having their name on the airport.”
Ethan Wayne accused critics of disregarding his father’s achievements and “trying to contradict how he lived his life.”
“They put my father’s name on that airport for the same reason that Congress voted to give him a Congressional gold medal, for the same reason the president decided to give him a Medal of Freedom. And it’s recognition of a lifetime of significant contributions to his country, his community and to his industry.”

several years ago I watched Restrepo and Korengal(you gotta watch them in that order), I highly recommend both, just watched The Triangle of Death, highly recommend that too


Rewatch Sudden Impact, laugh you’re ass off at this, repeat in any order


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