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   Surprised this topic hasnt been started. Unless Im starting a thread that already exists like Oldhat.
   Here is a scene from Mrs Browns Boys. Great scene from an hilarious show.

Happy Birthday to one of the greatest directors and artists of all time


Hey Maaco, how awesome is this?

Unfortunately Lady completely reflects me putting the wall size  pic behind him on one of our walls. . .

Lol awesome


--- Quote from: Maacoshark on January 20, 2018, 12:15:18 PM ---Lol awesome

--- End quote ---
yep Lynxh loves Rammstein.  This scene in Liost Highway was the first time myself and many others in the US and outside Germany heard them.  Lynch has given many bands and artists starts or revivals including  David Bowie, Trent Renzor, Chris Isaac. Julia Cruise, Rammstein and tons of others


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