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today's horseshit for Rich

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--- Quote from: Mickstix on October 22, 2018, 01:34:53 PM ---You goin to a John Legend concert?  :wackysmile: :rofl: Seriously tho, Im stumped..

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John who?    Nah, goin to see Trent at The Fox in Detroit!

Okay, I'm officially bored.  I'm down to looking at stats.

Bearokowski has played 7 games and has zero points.  He is also a minus 6.  I don't read TOO much into a +/- cause it can be deceiving especially after only 7 games, but -6 in seven games for a third/fourth line guy should result in being scratched.

EARLY on, I kind of wondered if he might get a shot at playing on the top line...NOT THAT HE DESERVED IT, but he is useless as a fourth line guy.  I know Caps do that with younger players and struggling players, but the Bear is a race horse, not a grinder.  He is never going to produce at the third or fourth line.

If he were worth anything, he'd be trade bait.

I liked Stephenson on the "top" line more so than Connolly, but I also think Stephenson looks better on the fourth line.  I would like to see Vrana get a shot.  I know that is not very responsible for defense purposes, but I would like Vrana to get a shot on the top two lines.  If you put have Ovie/Kuzy/Vrana - could be exciting at the least. (if we ever manage to get into the O zone with the puck)

I do miss my big Willy.  Hope he comes back soon.  We are 1/3 of the way through the suspension.  Freaking Bettman is just stalling.  When did they meet?   Thursday?  What is he still reviewing at this point?

I think the players union ought to try and fight for a rule on the timing of suspensions and appeals in the next contract talks.  It didn't take but a day or two after the infraction to issue the original suspension.  Why does it take two weeks to get/review the appeal?  It's not like they didn't know it was coming.

The team/player should have the option to choose to play during the appeal process and then if the sentence is not reduced, then they have to sit.  This would at least get the process moving.

Blah, blah, blah.  wah, wah, wah.


Cool! Didn't know he was from Ohio.. Have fun! Don't do anything I wouldn't do!  :raspberry: :angel: :P 

I agree Rich, (It's bullshit they had a 7 hour meeting yet Bettman needs 5 more days to go over the transcripts and come to a conclusion?) they should be able to play until the appeal is done, if they choose.. Im sure they'd need something different if it happened near/in the playoffs though, but during the regular season they should be allowed to play until the process is finished..

playing unti the appeal would keep these asshats from dragging their feet about it

If it were me I'd scratch Bura, play Oshie on the RW on the top line with Kuzy/Ovechkin and put Nick with Vrana and Stephenson. I think Nathan Walker at this point brings more to the line up than Bura, same with Jaskin. DSP also deserves 3rd line minutes, so I'd put him with Eller and Connolly. Bura needs to be trade bait for us at this point, honestly.

We don't need another type of his forward, he's playing awful all over the ice, we need another big body to play with Eller on that third line so I'd gladly love to see our GM try to find a more character player to insert into that bottom six rotation.


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