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I really thought I wanted these, until I saw a price....

Wow! $250,000 each and 3600lbs.  That doesn't include amps, pre-amps, subs, cables, etc.  They are ridiculously inefficient.  I can get the same SPL from my setup with my 125w/ch AVR.  It's no wonder they require a 2000+ watt amp.  I'll bet they don't sound twice as good as my Klipsch Reference Premiere speakers, much less half a million $$$ better.  My setup already sounds like the performance is live in my room.

They do have a retro space age design that you would expect to see in an old 1950's era space movie.  They are definitely made for people that simply have too much money.  They had a bitch of a time delivering my 1200lb safe.  I don't see how you could possibly get those speakers into most homes, or condo's.  They appear to be taller than my front door.

I would be interested in hearing them.

I ran into these while looking around just now.  Only three sets will ever be made and one set old for $2 million .

The secret to setting up a decent speakers system is in the dynamic balancing of the sound within the environment via software using a high quality DSP.  My AVR has an Audyssey MultEQ XT32 and 4 DSP chips that can process 10 GFLOPS to get the best sound from your gear.  Once you run the extensive setup routines using a calibrated microphone at the various listening positions the DSP will from then on dynamically adjust the frequency response and specific timings of all the speakers independently to ensure that the acoustically balanced sounds reach your ears at precisely the right microsecond from each and every speaker.  All of this factors in each speakers abilities and the acoustics of the room. The results make a night and day difference.   The Audyssey MultEQ XT32 samples the satellites & subwoofer frequency response at a resolution of 512x increments.  This is one of the most crucial elements for getting great sounds.  The MultEQ XT system on lower end AVR's I think only processes a fraction of that with 512x for satellites and only 16x for subs.  The sub resolution makes a huge difference as these low frequencies are effected by everything in the room.  What this all amounts to is getting the absolute maximum from your equipment.

IMO this tuning of your equipment/room is far more important than simply spending more for speakers that may or may not serve you better. When I turn Audyssey on or off the difference in sound is astonishing.  Until this technology came around we all just settled for whatever the amp, speaker, and speaker placement gave you with possibly just a few equalizer adjustments could provide, which treated all speakers the same.

That was relaxing to write.  I needed that after a long tough day.

Audio technology has improved so much in just the past ten years.


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