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This thread is for posting videos of and discussing some of the Best Capitals Goals, Sickest Fights, & Incredible Saves.

Last nights Caps/Stars game was one of the most entertaining games of this season. There were many highlights in this game like the two goals, including the game winner on OT by Andre Burakovsky, but the highlight of the game was the goal by Dmitry Orlov that tied the game 2-2.

When Orly scored that goal I thought I was watching the GR8 Alex Ovechkin. If I had not seen his sweater number I would have sworn it was an Ovie highlight goal.

Anyway, here it is.

How bout saves?

and frekases  :D

Lacher used to say it wasn't a frekas unless Hunter was involved

   That Orlov goal was one of the best goals I've seen by  player from the Caps. Of course Ovi and Kuzy have scored some sick goals. The one former Cap that comes to mind when you talk about sick goals, its Semin. When he was here he may have been the most skilled player in the league.


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