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Today I added support for embedding Facebook posts and various other audio and video sites like US News and many others.  I'm still working on proper Twitter support even though I can't stand them.

I have added the ability to post inline Twitter Tweets in your posts.  just add the URL to the Tweet in your post and the forum will automatically write the code to embed the Tweet.



I am about to move the Domain Registrar for to a new company.  There should be no interruption, but there could also be a brief one. 


--- Quote from: ArJunaZ on Monday March 30, 2020, 01:14:23 PM Eastern ---I am about to move the Domain Registrar for to a new company.  There should be no interruption, but there could also be a brief one.

--- End quote ---
Groovy, let me know if you need anything


--- Quote from: DC_1908 on Monday March 30, 2020, 06:42:44 PM Eastern ---Groovy, let me know if you need anything

--- End quote ---
Thanks DC.  The transition has taken place and it went smoothly.  My old registrar, who I have been with for 24 years kept raising the costs to simply distribute the DNS resolution for my sites. I've had as many as 50 domains with them at once and they kept jacking up the price almost every year. I beat them down a few times, but this past year they would not budge, so I have now moved about 75% of my remaining sites to a new registrar.  I will move the remaining ones (about 7-8 more) over the next 2-3 months as they near their renewal period.  I have been testing a new registrar for the past 4 months and am very happy with their service. The cost is 30% to 60% lower for domain names and they don't charge fees for "extras" the old company loved to screw you for. In fact, when I warned the old company they were surely going to lose ALL my business if they did not lower my costs they refused to lower my cost, but they suddenly offered the optional features for free. which they always should have been since it cost them nothing to begin with.
Compare this domain name registrar jack ass company with my website hosting company that I have also been with for about 25 years.  My hosting company has never raised my rate on ANY of my products with them. In fact, for being a long time customer they often give me things they would normally charge for for free.
Loyalty works both ways and greed or crappy service will guarantee my commitment to shit list a company, and when I do this I do it for life.


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