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Admin will post latest news about the board in this locked topic.  Leave comments, issues, and request messages in "Tech Issues/Suggestions" topic in the ABH forum..

Karma Feature has been enhanced!

Go to Users' Profile by clicking on their Username then click on "Who changed my karma" or  "Whose karma have I changed" to see Karma logs for that user.

The Home Page displays "Last Karma Changes" and also has a link to "Karma Stats" to see a Log of ALL Karma changes.

Clicking on "In Topic" will take you directly to the post that was granted Karma. 

To see who granted Karma for a specific post - click on the link "+X/-X karm for this message" in bottom right of post. This will only  be displayed on posts which have been given a Like or Dislike using the thumbs up/down under the users avatar in each post.

Warnings will be issued for excessive/abusive use of karma without reasonable explanation and can ultimately cause your ability to grant Karma to be disabled.

Newbies (members with less than 50 posts) cannot grant Karma!


Switching from Dropdown menus to Sidebar menus!

There is an option to switch from Dropdown menus to Sidebar menus, which I prefer, but it is not very obvious how to do this.

On some pages like the Admin, Profile, and My Messages pages there is a little double arrow    icon on the right side of the screen. Click it and it will switch your preference to sidebar menus.  Now near the top of the sidebar menu there will be a similar looking double arrow  , which will switch you back to Dropdown menus.


OK, I think the Karma/like Post feature is a lot easier to use now.

 - Dislike post is gone
 - No more explanations
 - I copied everyone's "Like" count from the old site and added them to any likes received here.
 - Everyone's Karma log is visible and you can see who liked your posts there. obviously these log entries will be missing for the Likes I brought over from the old site.
 - You can like as many posts as you want, but there is a waiting period of just under 2 minutes before you can Like another post.
 - Newbies (under 50 posts) still cannot Like a post.

We now have New Emoticons  ::)   
I've collected some of the best emoticon images I could find for weeks. Today I picked the best of them and made them all consistent in appearance and installed them. I did my best to correlate them to the old ones, so your old posts should show similar ones to what you had previously selected. This was not possible for all of them.  If anyone feels that we need others or changes to the current ones, feel free to contact me or post in the suggestions topic.


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